About Us

Sunrise Side Lifelong Learning (SSLL) is a member-directed, 501(c)3, nonprofit organization that plans and offers informal educational programs and activities to enrich the daily lives of its members and others through mini-courses, day trips, outdoor activities and social events. Each trimester (Fall and Spring/Summer) new sets of courses and day trips are offered to people in Alcona, Iosco, Arenac and Ogemaw counties who are 50 and over. People are asked to pre-register for all programs and events and to evaluate all events, in which they participate. It is our mission to provide participants with the highest quality, lowest cost programs to foster their continual learning and enrich their lives.

Sunrise Lifelong Learning offers unique learning classes, but without tests, grades and papers, that will meet 2-4 times in two hour sessions. Some day-long workshops are also available. You do not have to have graduated from high school or college to attend. Just have an interest in continuous learning. Classes are offered in the following categories:

  1. Art & Photography
  2. Cooking & Hobbies
  3. Computers & Technology
  4. Fitness & Health
  5. History & the Future
  6. Literature, Language & Writing
  7. Legal Issues, Finance & Personal Development
  8. Music, Movies & Plays
  9. Religion & Anthropology
  10. Nature Activities & Science

Sunrise Side Lifelong Learning also provides day trips each month and up to three multiple day domestic trips a year.

Sunrise Side Life Long Learning Courses