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The Sunriseside Lifelong Learning Organization is an ALL VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION!  The only way the organization can sustain itself is for members to chip in and help.

Volunteers Needed!!!

  • Marketing Committee Members
  • Membership Committee members
  • Fundraising Committee Members
  • Facebook Administrator
  • Technical Support
  • We need volunteers in the office to help with registration and phone answering, help with proof reading, help with mailing.  Please call the office. We will train you then and set up an office schedule.

Class and Trip Instructors/Leaders Needed

The success of Sunrise Side Lifelong Learning depends on a community of enthusiastic and engaged volunteers. Their efforts and participation are key to the vitality and success of this program. SSLL is currently seeking volunteers for the following:

  • Instructors
  • Computer and IPAD Tutors
  • Trip and Class Coordinators
  • Trip Leaders